How do I set up an account?

Users, for example, students, will have had a user account set up by Anglia Ruskin University, the same applies for academic staff. If you do not have an account, raise a ticket with the ePAD helpdesk.

For users who are not employed by Anglia Ruskin University, the account is automatically created when your student submits a new Allocation Form. Once submitted, you will receive an automatic email with a Username and Verification link. Click the link and this will activate your account.

Help! I didn't receive the email

If you don't receive the email to verify your address and set up your account, you can activate your account on the website.

Navigate to ARU HEMS ePAD Login

On the welcome page there will be the text 'If you require account activation click here':

On the next page enter your email address and click 'Activate account':

You will receive an email with a verification link, click that link to verify, then, when prompted, enter a new password in 'New Password' and repeat in 'Confirm New Password', then click 'Create':

The screen will refresh and you'll be taken to the sign in page:

Enter your 'Sign in name' which is your email address, then enter your 'Password' and click 'Sign In'