You will have a nominated person to support you and address any concerns. This could be a Placement Manager, Ward Manager, Team Leader, Service Manager or other.

You will be supervised by a number of Practice Supervisors who will support your learning and can contribute to assessment.

You will have a nominated Practice Assessor for your placement, who is responsible for assessing and confirming proficiency and achievement. The Practice Assessor will liaise with the Practice Supervisor and Academic Assessor to obtain feedback on your progress.

In your first week in placement, you need to complete the following assessments under the START heading:

  1. Practice Assessor Allocation
  2. Practice Supervisor Allocation(s)
  3. Placement Orientation
  4. Initial interview

Student forms appear with a 'Complete new' button, as shown above, indicating that you can complete them. Where you are not able to complete a form you will see the message 'Available to other roles' and when you hover over the message the roles that can complete are listed.

If a form requires input from a Practice Assessor or Supervisor you must NOT approve a form on their behalf.