1. To get access to your username and password and login to your practice supervisor or practice assessor account you need to complete a PA or PS allocation form when you are with your student. Please watch the video above which explains how to do this.
  2. As soon as you complete the Practice Assessor/Practice supervisor allocation form you will be emailed your login details - please look out for an email from arumyepad.
  3. Please check your junk/trash box if you are unable to find the email
  4. If you still cannot find the email - please check that the email address used on the student account was 100% correct. If not then you need to complete another allocation form, using the correct email address.
  5. Students must not complete the practice assessor/practice supervisor allocation form on behalf of their PA/PS. This is because quite often the student gets the email address incorrect. The joining details will then not arrive because they are emailed to the incorrectly inputted address.
  6. Please make sure that you only use one email address for the epad for all forms and students. Sometimes Practice Assessors and practice supervisors have two NHS emails. Are you looking at the correct one to find your epad login details? It will be the one you used to complete the PA or PS allocation form.
  7. If you have used different email addresses on the allocation form for different students you will have created more than one account. This will mean that you will have more than one set of login details and will see some students on one account and other students using different login details. If this has happened please raise a ticket on the helpdesk and let us know which email address you would like to use and then we will tell you how to merge the accounts.