We ask that you complete the mentor registration form on the first day in placement so that we know that you are getting the support that is needed. If your mentor is not in placement when you commence then you should have a second mentor who is supporting you until your mentor returns - there is a form for this on myprogress.  There is no penalty for completing the mentor registration form a day or two late. If you have no one to support you in placement then you need to contact the Educational Champion  for your placement area so they can ensure that you have someone to support you. 

Students sometimes go to placement and find that their primary mentor is on holiday for a couple of weeks when they start. This is fine if you have a second mentor organised for you until they return. We do want to know though if you do not have a named person while your mentor is on holiday. Please do contact the Educational Champion for your placement area if this is the case. Anglia Ruskin University have an excellent relationship with all out placement partners. The Educational Champion and link team are there to help you get the most from your placement experience and will be happy to help you.