If you have not worked with a student using the electronic system (Myprogress) to record practice assessments you may wish to first view the training resources for mentors available in the training section of this site.

There are many useful features of the system to help sign-off mentors.   Myprogress makes it much easier to review students past assessments; the system provides a search option which makes finding the assessments very straightforward. The typed mentor responses can be read clearly plus the responses all have mentor email addresses attached making any required clarification quicker.

As with the regular placement documentation we have split the sign-off documentation into different assessments.  This allows the student, mentors, personal tutor and practice education team to clearly see how the student is progressing through this important placement.  The diagram below illustrates how the sign-off documentation has been divided.

As described in the diagram above the sign-off mentor must complete the Sign-off mentor (SOM) registration at the beginning of the students final placement, this provides evidence to the NMC that the student has been correctly supported throughout the sign-off period. If the student has a trainee sign-off mentor they should complete the trainee sign-off mentor registration and the supervising live sign-off mentor should complete the sign-off mentor registration.

The sign-off standards, as listed by the NMC, are available in their entirety in the sign-off standards assessments and the sign-off mentor is required to confirm that the student meets all of these standards. If a student does not, and is not going to achieve the required pass for the placement, there is space for the mentor to comment on the areas for development.

The regular contact meetings (to the equivalent of one hour per week) should be complete and submitted as soon as the meeting has taken place (SOM Contact record). This allows the students personal tutor to monitor their progress and ensure that the NMC required processes are adhered to. Myprogress auto generates new blank forms once one has been completed so there will always be a new blank version of the form for every meeting.

The sign-off mentor practice assessment document check (SOM PAD Check) is where Myprogress can be really helpful. When logged into the students account the sign-off mentor can easily find and review the students passed assessments. Please watch this video clip which demonstrates how to access and review students passed assessments:

The final documents completed at the very end of the students training is the sign-off mentors declaration for the students fitness to join the professional register (SOM Declaration). It is the only assessment within Myprogress that must be completed on paper and then uploaded. This is the document which is sent to the NMC to confirm the student has completed the practice element of the course and currently the NMC requires a paper document. The assessment contains a downloadable version of the form (which is also available to download from the sign-off mentor area of the Myprogress website). If the student has a trainee sign-off mentor this form must be completed and signed by the supervising live sign-off mentor.

The sign-off mentor must select the declaration they wish to support, either recommending the student for registration or declaring the student not fit for practice.

When the paper form is completed it needs to be added to the assessment as a file upload and the assessment submitted. The student should give the personal tutor the original paper copy of the declaration form to be forwarded to the NMC