The Enhanced Practice Support Framework coaching log is now available as an electronic document.  It can be downloaded from the Placement Information Canvas site by navigating to the 'Coaching logs to download' page.

  • To download the coaching log to your  tablet first go to the app store and download both Canvas Student and Microsoft Word.
  • When both are downloaded to your device open Canvas and navigate to the Placements Information site then find the coaching logs to download page.
  • Select the correct coaching log and tap in the link to download it; when given the option choose to download with 'Word'.
  • The document will open on your tablet as a read only document, select the 'save a copy' tab at the top then choose 'to save to this device' and 'documents'.
  • A copy of the coaching log will then be saved in the memory of your tablet.
  • You can find it by tapping on the 'My Files' link on the tablet homepage and looking in the documents file.

More information including including a step-by-step pictorial review can be found by selecting the guide linked below or by reviewing the information in the Placement Information site in Canvas on the 'Enhanced Practice Support Framework' page.