1. Did you select the blue button on the screen below "Email this assessment to your observer to complete later" ?

If you did this then the document will have been emailed to the email address you inputted on completion and removed from your account. 

You will need to contact your Practice Assessor/ Practice SupervisorPractice Assessor/ Practice Supervisor to retrieve your assessment.

2. You Practice Assessor/ Practice Supervisorr will have received an email from myprogress@anglia.ac.uk - like the one below. You will need to ask your mentor to find the email

3.  Your Practice Assessor/ Practice Supervisor will have received an email like the one below and needs to follow the instructions in the email for it to be sent back to your student account.

4. Can Anglia Ruskin Email retrieve the email / document for me?

No - only the person who you sent the assessment / inputted the email address of can send the document back to you. This is because you have sent the document to them to complete. Neither Anglia Ruskin University or MyKnowldegemap own the email address you used so we cannot access it. 

5. I think I inputted an incorrect email address that was not my Practice Assessor/ Practice Supervisor' or got a few letters mixed up, what should I do?

Your document can only be sent back to you by the owner of the email address you sent it to. If the email address does not exist or you cannot contact the person whose address it is then you will need to complete the document again.

6. How can I avoid this happening again?

We advise all students NEVER to use the blue button " email this document to your observer to complete later' as we have found this option can cause confusion and difficulties for students and Practice Assessor/ Practice Supervisor. When you have finished your document ALWAYS select the Green button "Complete this Completed Assessment"