Did you save an assessment as a draft, open it up again and can no longer find it? This will be because when you closed the assessment the 'Abandon' button was selected. The 'ABANDON' button wipes the assessment clean and the assessment will return to a blank version - it will not recall a previous draft. This has a similar effect of deleting a document in word. 

If you had a previous draft saved can provide us with the exact date and time that assessment was deleted then we may be able to recover the text for you - however, after two weeks it will have been permanently deleted so we will not be able to recover it. As we will need to ask the software company to find the assessment for you and they have thousands to look through the more specific you can be the better. If you are vague about the date and time then we are unlikely to be able to help.

For help please email 

your name

tutor group


Module Code 

Assessment number and name

The time and date you lost the assessment i.e. pressed the 'abandon' button

Please remember to always save assessments every time you close them and do not use the abandon button.