The submission dates for induction and formative documents are advisory. We would like you to submit your formative and induction documents as close as possible to these dates as it ensures that you get timely feedback from your Practice Assessor/ Practice Supervisor and have time to improve before your summative assessment.  There is no penalty for submitting your formative late, however, this is not recommended as you will not be receiving feedback on your progress. A few days late is not a problem. If your Practice Assessor is unavailable and will be for a longer period of time please contact your Academic Assessor or the link tutor in your placement area so that they can support you with completing your documents on time. 

The submission date and time for your summative assessment is a deadline (like turnitin grademark) and you must submit on time in order to pass. If you are likely to submit late then you must request a formal extension from the student advisor. Please also contact your Academic Assessor if you have an approved extension so that we can allow you additional time.