This guide applies for the Samsung tablets so the screen may vary with other tablets. Speech to text works on most modern tablets. 

Before you start you need to download / activate the speech to text on your tablet - to find out how to do this click here

You can activate speech to text in most places you can input text using the tablet's keyboard. To activate speech-to-text, tap the microphone icon to the left of the space-bar on the keyboard.

Once you've tapped this button, all you need to do is talk clearly into the tablet's microphone (located adjacent to the rear-facing camera) from a distance between 15cm and 45cm. Once you've finished talking, tap the large microphone icon in the middle of the screen.

If you want to go back to using the keyboard, tap the white x in the top right corner.


  • The large, central microphone icon goes from red to white immediately - this is usually because you're not connected to Wi-Fi and you haven't downloaded the offline speech recognition data, please have a look at our guide on How to Download Offline Speech Recognition Languages.