Support tickets are the best way for you to communicate with our support team when you've got a question or a problem about our electronic assessment system. To create a ticket, click the (+) plus Icon at the top of the screen (it's shown below).

  • Next, you'll need to enter your email address (if you haven't done this before, it'll ask you for your name so we can create you an account, this means you can keep track of tickets within the helpdesk) 
  • Then you'll need to enter your personal tutor's name (if this doesn't apply to you, i.e. you're not a student or not asking for help on behalf of a student, please enter "n/a") and you'll need to select your position (for example, student)
  • In the subject field, please provide a brief, one-line summary of the problem you're having. Once you've entered the subject, you'll see a list of suggested articles related to the problem you're having, please read these before sending a ticket, often problems can be fixed using the information in the guides.
  • In the dropdown box marked "Please select the general area of the issue you're having:", you'll need to choose the general area of the problem you're having, once you've chosen that, another dropdown box will appear asking for a more specific category in which to put the problem (this'll happen again, but you get the idea) If your problem isn't listed in these boxes, please select "Something Else"
  • Next you'll need to select where you're reporting the problem from, for example, "On Anglia Ruskin Campus"
  • Then you'll need to give a brief description of the problem, please provide as much detail about the specific case as possible, for example, if it's a problem with a specific document, please include the document's title & module code in the description.
  • Then you're done, (if you haven't used the email address before, you will be asked to fill in a CAPTCHA) click Submit and we'll get back to you soon.