Sometimes, if you're using an older browser, like Internet Explorer, the website will display incorrectly.

This means you need to use a newer browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you're in placement you probably won't be able to install any new software without permission from the IT administration, however if you're at home, you can download Google Chrome or you can download Mozilla Firefox and follow the on screen instructions to install the browser of your choice. It is important that you do regularly update your web browser  as part of your computer system maintenance. Old browser versions are at risk of viruses and being hacked and when out of date they no longer function correctly as the browser companies do not maintain them when they are replaced with with updated versions. The updated versions are written by the browser companies to protect against newly developed viruses - just like the annual flu vaccination which constantly needs to be changed to provide immunisation. The company who develop myprogress also regularly update their app to work with the new browsers versions and to keep you protected - this is good management.  If your web browser has not be updated for a long time it becomes obsolete and will no longer function with many apps not just myprogress. One of the reasons thatAnglia Ruskin chose myprogress was becaue it allows you to complete all your assessments on the tablets without the need to use placement area computers which we know can be unreliable, do not meet cyber security standards and are risky.