If you can't find an assessment on the 'documents' page on the website, it could be for a number of reasons:

  • You've already completed that document  - Most document s will remain on the 'document s' page even after you've completed them, however there may be some that you can only complete once. Go to the 'Completed document s' page to check if you've completed this document 
  • Your document  has been withdrawn because you haven't met a deadline - A 'hard' deadline is in place for all summative documents, if you've missed a deadline, the system will not allow you to complete these documents. Please contact the Student Adviser. Please don't be concerned if there are genuine reasons for not meeting a deadline, for example, your Practice Assessor/Practice Supervisor suddenly takes time off, the Myprogress platform is down etc. - In genuine circumstances, there won't be a problem with issuing an extension.
  • The deployment to your account has failed - This is unusual, but it can happen sometimes, if you think this has happened to you, please raise a support ticket and we'll sort this out for you.