If you have forgotten your password you can reset it yourself by clicking on "forgotten your password" on the myprogress computer login page (see above)

1. For students your username will have been sent by email - search for an email from 'myprogress@anglia.ac.uk"

2. For mentors you first need to create your account by completing the mentor registration form on your student's tablet or student's web based account. You will need your student access their account for you to do this.

3. Once you have completed the mentor registration form you will receive an email from "myprogress@anglia.ac.uk" with your account details.

4. Remember, your Myprogress username is different form your generic Anglia Ruskin username.Your username will have been emailed to you before your first placement, and it will take the form asmith, if adam is your first name and smith is your surname. Check your university provided emails as we will have used your email address ending in @student.anglia.ac.uk. If you have not received an email, or you've lost/deleted it, we can send you a new one. Please create a support ticket and we'll get one sent straight to you. 

Please Note: 

If you enter 10 consecutive incorrect passwords, your Myprogress account will be locked. You will then need to create a support ticket and a member of the Myprogress team will be able to help.