For Android devices:

To download Myprogress from the Google Play Store, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the button labelled "apps" 

  2. Tap on the icon labelled "Play Store" (you may need to swipe from side to side to find it)

  3. Tap on the bar at the top and type in "myprogress aru", below is an image of what the search bar looks like:

  4. Tap on the tile marked "Myprogress"

  5. Tap the large, green button marked "Install"

  6. A box will pop up asking you for permissions, tap on the green button barked "accept", remember, tapping outside of the pop up box will cancel the installation.

Every so often, you'll need to update the app, if you need to do this, please refer to our guide on How to Update the Myprogress App

A video demonstration showing the complete process is available below: