You need to complete the Practice Assessor or Practice Supervisor Allocation form from within the student's MyEpad account. 

Practice Assessors/Supervisors must use a work email address to register. Once the student has synced their device you will be sent an email to the address you registered; the email will include the link to the web url and your user name and password and will be from Check your in-box to find the email. You will now be able to view all the assessments completed for this student. Practice Assessors/Supervisors will need to complete an allocation form for each student they support to create a link.

Uncompleted and draft assessments are not visible on the Practice Assessor/Supervisor account and need to be accessed from the student's account. Practice Assessors/Supervisors will be able to view the records of all students from their own, unique, site. Your personal account will organise and store evidence that you will require for your NMC revalidation.