Using the computer to access the student web-based account to complete documents gives access to other features of the student account that you may find useful.

These includes the ability to track which documents have been submitted and an easy way to find and review students past documents. 

The navigation tools currently used on students Myprogress accounts are; Assessments, Completed assessments, Feedback, Progress & Reports.


In this area you will find your practice documents, here you can click on the document title or 'respond now' tile to open and complete a document. Alternatively, you can click on the 'Resend to mobile device' tile if you wish to upload a blank document to complete on a mobile device using the Myprogress app.

Completed assessments

In this section you can access all of your previously completed and submitted documents. By clicking on 'View full response' under the document title, you will be able to review the document. 

When reviewing any completed document, there is also a download option. By clicking on the blue 'Download response' tile, you can download a PDF version of your completed document to keep for your own records.


There may be occasions where you or your Academic Assessor might want to attach feedback to a particular document, within this section you can review and respond to any feedback provided.

Progress & Reports

In this section, by clicking on 'Framework completions report' you will find a checklist of practice documentation. Due to varied completion requirements, we have also identified who is authorised complete which document next to the title.

With each completed and submitted document, a green tick will appear next to the title. The number of document submissions will also be provided in brackets to the right of the title.

To review any completed documents in this area, click on the document title.

If the document does not have a green tick next to the title, no submission has been made and nothing will be available to view until the document is completed and submitted.