Myprogress has several inbuilt security features which prevent assessments being altered without the mentors knowledge.

  • When an assessment is completed the mentor digitally signs the document using their work email address, this triggers an automatic message to that same email address informing the mentor that an assessment has been completed in their name and providing a link for them to review the assessment.


  • The mentor must use their work email address to sign the assessment as this provides proof of identity – only an individual employed by the Trust will have a working email address. It is not possible to create a fictional work email address.

  • Once an assessment is completed, signed and submitted by the mentor it is not editable. The completed assessment is viewable as a pdf version but cannot be altered once submitted. Some assessments, such as the learning contract and formative action plan, are created at one point but not finished until later. These assessments can be started in the student account then saved as a draft, they remain editable until completed and submitted.