The practice assessment document has been divided into smaller sections called assessments within Myprogress.  

This is to allow mentors and students to work through the practice documentation throughout the placement and allows the personal tutor to track their students progress.

The illustration below shows how the practice document is divided for nursing students

You will see from the diagram that it is expected that the mentor registration, induction meeting and creation of the learning contract will occur at the beginning of the placement. The formative assessment and formative action plan are expected to be complete half-way through the placement and the assessment of cluster skills and summative assessment completed at the end of the placement. The other assessments are completed as opportunity appears as the student progresses through the placement. 

Within Myprogress those documents which should be completed at specific points in the placement (the mentor registration, induction documents and formative assessment) have pre-set deadline dates. This acts as a reminder to when the assessments should ideal be completed, these assessments can be submitted after their deadline dates.

The assessment of cluster skills and summative assessment also have deadline dates, these are absolute and assessments cannot be submitted after this date. The date set is always several days after the student finishes their practice placement.

All assessments MUST be completed and submitted before the final deadline date.